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Hello dear Toonstruck fans,

I'd like to share with you the latest message Keith Arem left on the Toonstruck Two Petition Facebook page

Keith Arem Hey all -

Just to add to Drew's post...We are not affiliated with PetitionSpot and are not asking or collecting any money from fans.

Please keep up your support for Toonstruck, and thanks for your patience and keeping it alive. More news to come!

Keith Arem also told me he he has had "some excellent progress and developments on the Toonstruck project".

We are much closer to moving forward with the new release. We have been re-assembling and compiling the original assets to evaluate how we could re-release the original game, and what will be needed to do a sequel.
I will keep you updated on the game’s progress, and hopefully we can generate more interest to help finance its release!

This kind of message just makes my day :)
Heck, even Duke Nukem Forever came out of limbo, anything can happen now!

Stay posted for more Toonstruck news!


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